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The Achievements and Retirement of Ray Roseman

October 16, 2014, 9:37 pm

Providence Industrial Electronics Repair, Inc.

Ray Roseman has just retired as the quality control engineer at Providence Industrial.

Ray and Jeff George, owner of Providence Industrial, met while they both were working at Electric South. Electric South needed outsourcing for the units they couldn’t repair, so Jeff branched out and founded Providence Industrial Electronic Repair. Shortly after Jeff started Providence, Ray became an outside consultant for him, but after a few months, they had such a great connection and rapport that he was brought on full time as the quality manager. 

Ray grew up in Ohio, next to a cornfield of a working farm. It was right next to a second growth apple orchard. “Johnny Appleseed” had planted the original. After Ray graduated high school and finished a year of college, he joined the Marine Corps where he was trained as a Radio Relay Repairman – MOS 2831/2. After the Marines, Ray got a job as an IBM field engineer, back in the days when a computer took up an entire room.

After being with IBM for a while, Ray got a job with Cincinnati Electronics as a technician in research and development. He later went to work as a technician at the Baldwin Piano & Organ Co. This is where he first learned the basics of electronic design and manufacturing engineering. He used his knowledge of design to get a job at R-K Electric, where he designed custom industrial electronic controls. He then went to Dubois Chemical Company as the manager of electronic design in the Equipment Design group. While working here he was part of a team that got a patent for the design of a Detergent Dispensing System. The solid chemical dispensed was denser, cheaper and more convenient to use than the ones that were available in the market. 

After another chemical company purchased Dubois, Ray was recruited by another chemical company in Greensboro. After it got bought out, he joined Electric South in Greensboro, NC. After working there for 5 years as a repair technician specializing in Switched Mode Power Supplies, he identified and could demonstrate a design problem causing field failures of a power supply in a customer’s operation. He wrote a 3-page report to his supervisor about it. The report was well received. It was one of the reasons he was promoted to the position of Quality Control Manager. He was the quality manager at Electric South for 5 years before joining the team at Providence. 

Ray’s advice on why you should choose Providence: 

“It’s easier to send all your repairs to one place. The level of reliability at Providence usually equals or exceeds that of other repair shops you could choose from to send your repairs to. In many cases, units that were not repaired by some of those repair shops end up getting sent to Providence for repair. By choosing Providence the first time, those customers would have saved both time and money.” 

The development of an effective “Optimized Repair Method” used at Providence is based on not having instructions or documentation for many of the industrial electronic products we repair. Our technicians have used this method effectively on almost every type of electronic repair. We troubleshoot everything we can, and we test or replace everything we can’t troubleshoot.   

The thing that impresses Ray the most about Providence is that the technicians work in direct contact with their customers. You don’t get forwarded to a recorded message; you get in touch with the technician that is working on your equipment who walks you through the status of your unit step by step. 

Ray explains that troubleshooting is an art based on science. It’s like a doctor finding a diagnosis. The doctor needs the patient to provide him with information along with lab tests and monitoring so he can figure out what’s wrong and fix it. Providence gets information from the customer and from the equipment to fully identify a problem and fix it. Jeff George has developed an Optimized Repair Method for troubleshooting which allows us to achieve one of, if not the lowest warranty rates in the repair industry. This is the kind of measurement that customers can use to confirm how well we are repairing their equipment. 

There’s no doubt that Ray Roseman will be truly missed at Providence. His vast knowledge and experience of the industry made him an invaluable asset, and his presence will live on at Providence for years to come.

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