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We don't stack our repair catalog with random products that we don't have experience with. The units you'll find here have been received and repaired by Providence Industrial before, so we can tell you exactly what our repair process is, and what kind of turn around time you can expect. For a free same day * quote on the repair of your WAGNER 0263598B, contact us today.

Rush Repair

Every job is given our fast and highly skilled attention. However, if your company's production line is down, or if a seemingly irrepairable unit is putting your operation at risk, our Rush Repair ** option is for you. When a Rush Repair is requested, near-heroic efforts are made to get your unit into our hands so that the repair process can begin immediately without waiting in our day-to-day queue.

* Providence offers free quotes in only one day. If a repair arrives before 11:00 AM we will contact you with a quote before 5:00 PM. If a repair arrives after 11:00 AM, it will be quoted by 9:00 AM the following day.

** Rush Repair fee is $100.00 for jobs up to $1000.00 and 15% for all jobs 1000.00 and over.


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