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Become a one-stop-shop.
As your industrial electronics repair partner, Providence closes the gap in your service offerings.



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Distribute More. Earn more.

Is your company an industrial distributor looking to increase captial and expand your service offerings? Providence Industrial Electronics Repair can help your company distribute a different kind of product: industrial electronic repair services. As a distributor, you know that your customers often look for repair solutions rather than replacing their malfunctioning equipment. That is a gap in your services that is causing your company to lose money.

As your industrial electronics repair partner, Providence Industrial Electronics Repair can help your company become a one-stop-shop for your customers by closing the gap in your distribution operation. Don't lose out on potential income! Contact Providence Industrial Electronics Repair today for more information on outsourcing electronic repairs to us.

Industrial Business Inquiry

Thank you for your patience as we upgrade our online contact forms. If you would like to receive information on outsourcing industrial electronic repairs, please reach us by emailing support (at)

Promise to Industrial Distributors

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We will keep your business customer information secure and confidential.

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We have exceptional warranty rates, and fast turn around times.

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We keep your company's information confidential.

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We keep our repair cost estimates low to help you keep profit margins high.

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FREE Return Shipping

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Get FREE* return ground shipping on your first repair! Just answer our 3-question survey before you send your repair.

*New, U.S. customers only.