We keep your industrial equipment running, so you can focus on getting the job done.

Avoid costly downtime with our quality industrial electronics repair services.


Industrial Business

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Keeping Your Industrial Business In Business

If your machines break down, or the electronics in your industrial equipment begin to malfunction, you are losing valuable time that could negatively impact your profits. Providence Industrial Electronics Repair is in the business of helping you stay in business. The combined experience of our technicians can quickly identify the problem, repair your industrial electronics, and get your operation back up and running.

Quality Repairs Guaranteed

Our technicians have a unique, comprehensive testing process can include load testing and component testing which will reveal marginal component failure, or components that may be in the process of failing. Not only do we fix things that are wrong, but we fix things that are going wrong. This keeps our warranty rates low and helps guarantee extremely high quality standards.

Every repair job at Providence benefits from rigorous quality control efforts at each stage of the repair process, including dual-level quality inspections by qualified and knowledgable repair technicians.

Choosing the Right Repair Company for the Job

When you contact Providence Industrial, you might be surprised to learn that we do not have customer service representatives. It's this way by design. Our customers are able to call and speak directly to the technician who is responsible for their repair. This is an extremely valuable tool, and a rare asset in today's culture of automated customer service.

This is just one more reason why Providence Industrial Electronics Repair is the right company for the job.

Our Guarantee to Industrial Businesses

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We offer a 12 month warranty on all repairs, including parts and labor.

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We have exceptional warranty rates, and fast turn around times.

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We will help you avoid costly downtime to your industrial equipment by providing FAST and quality repair for your industrial electronics.

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We keep our repair cost estimates low to help you keep profit margins high.

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We will perform your repair with the important understanding that behind every job, is a person. Read testimonials from our customers...