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Offer industrial electronic repair to your customers. Get rewarded handsomely.

We offer percentage-based cash incentives for industrial electronic repair referrals.


Industrial Service Companies

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Attention Industrial Service and Non-Electrical Repair Companies!

If your company repairs non-electrical industrial components, or provides any other type of service to industrial companies, you could be missing out on a money making opportunity. If the industrial companies that you service are in need of electronic repair, you can start offering repair services by partnering with Providence Industrial Electronics Repair.

Our industrial service company partners receive percentage-based cash incentives for industrial electronic repair referrals. Contact us today for more information on outsourcing repairs to Providence Industrial Electronics Repair!

Industrial Service Inquiry

Thank you for your patience as we upgrade our online contact forms. If you would like to receive information on outsourcing industrial electronic repairs, please reach us by emailing support (at)

Our Guarantee to Industrial Service Companies

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We will keep your business customer information secure and confidential.

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We have exceptional warranty rates, and fast turn around times.

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We keep your company's information confidential.

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We will help you keep your promised turn around time for the repair.

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We keep our repair cost estimates low to help you keep profit margins high.

Limited Offer!

FREE Return Shipping

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Get FREE* return ground shipping on your first repair! Just answer our 3-question survey before you send your repair.

*New, U.S. customers only.